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BookLife Prize in Fiction Reviews TMHP

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Wow, another great review for Take My Husband, Please! This one from the BookLife Prize in Fiction by Publishers Weekly.

"Romance comes in many forms—not just the frenzied excitement of a new relationship. Even old relationships, especially the ones we thought had fizzled out, can have a spark. Slightly madcap, suddenly sweet, this novel combines the best of female friendship with soulful exploration of passion in its many forms. Of particular note are the themes of getting lost to find the right path and acceptance of even the most difficult things in life. The dialog-heavy, elegant writing style pulls readers into a world that is difficult to leave."

It's nice to see this fun story recognized and getting more readers. From a grateful author, kudos to Publishers Weekly and BookLife Prize in Fiction for their support of indy publishers.

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