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Writing Rom-Com Two

I've been MIA for awhile because I've been working. There should be more qualifiers for that, but really, I've just been working—so damn much at my day job as a writer and editor, it's hard to shift gears and write creatively because there's no more gas left in the tank after all that day-jobbing.

Book image for Gillian Parker Is Dead

And, I admit, I've been playing hooky on a dark fantasy historical under my alter ego's moniker. So with all that darkness—delicious as it is—and the other darkness of public health and stay-at-home-every-damn-day isolation, I'm ready for lightness and fun with real people and my favorite imaginary ones. Which leads me to rom-com number two. And three. Fun writing.

Fun? Well, I do believe I've hit on a solution, Dr. Blogdoctor. I need to play.

I've had Gillian Parker is Dead on the backburner for too long, along with another rom-com (and a cozy mystery) I've had in mind for ages. So, you see, I'm all backed up here and need some relief. I am therefore, publicly giving myself permission to play on something light and fun.

At the heart of everything I write is humor (or smart assery, as my father would say)—even in my dark fantasy, which makes the gravity of the subject matter (sex, demons, and death) harder to take seriously, but I'm trying. I'm almost finished! But right now, I just wanna be amused. I wanna laugh out loud in a way that embarrasses my entire family. And since GPID is already pretty plotted out and partially written—and the pandemic is making me crazypants—I'm now convinced it's the right move.

Whew. I feel better already. Blog therapy really works.

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Aug 09, 2020

I'm intrigued about this fun new book. Your smart assery is so entertaining. Can't wait!

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