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Feisty After 45

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Hey, guess what! I'm in a new anthology that just came out called Feisty After 45. Edited by Elaine Ambrose, this collection features essays from 45 accomplished women thriving in midlife. It's doing really well on Amazon already, and I'm excited to see my writing nestled among so many other talented bloggers.

I wanted to contribute a piece to the anthology that epitomized the real me, so naturally I submitted "I Wanna Be Sedated."

Here's the short synopsis:

These humorous and inspirational blog posts from 45 of the best midlife bloggers offer proof that tumbling over the far side of 45 is worth the journey. These feisty females will encourage you to keep your chins up and your reading glasses handy!

And sedation, while middle-aged, wearing a thong. They forgot to mention that part. Wanna check it out? Go here.

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