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Great Review of Take My Husband, Please!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The Self-Publishing Review recently reviewed Take My Husband, Please, and the reader really loved it. You can see it here, but following is the quickie summary:

"A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. Will and Sophie are wonderfully flawed characters who find themselves in one absurd situation after another that'll have you in stitches. In addition, the quirky supporting cast really brings this novel to life, and the author was able to throw in several hilarious and suspenseful twists and turns. Hopefully Kimberly Jayne intends to continue Will and Sophie's story because readers will want to know what happens next."

~ Self-Publishing Review

Here's the weird thing. They gave the book 5 stars for the story, 5 stars for the editing, and only 3 stars for the cover. They didn't care for the professional cover I paid a whole lotta money for. So as a result, they downgraded the story overall to 4 stars. I don't know anybody else that reviews the cover as part of the book review, so I think that's weird. It's a five-star story. Period, and thank you.

Don't get me wrong. I'm super grateful for the review--it was wonderfully done--and thrilled they liked it so well. But that rating system to include the cover is for the birds.

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