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Matchbook Debuts

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Looking for a good book to delve into? Matchbook by Desiree Prosapio is a new page turner in the mystery and suspense genre, laced with humor. Here's the brief:

THUMBNAIL2 Matchbook by Desiree Prosapio.jpg

Driven into a deep depression by the death of her daughter, Carol Lassiter has been homeless for three years. She's working out of her self-declared homeless oasis, a perfect place for collecting money while she nods in and out of an alcohol-inspired haze. As she gathers her box of "donations," she discovers a matchbook with a phone number scrawled on the inside cover. When she calls the number, she's hurled back into the nightmare she's been desperately trying to forget. The voice on the other end claims to have an answer to the question that savagely unraveled her world to begin with—the death of her daughter Ella, a death ruled by police as a suicide.

Desiree Prosapio is my writing buddy and BFF, and she's launching her new novel on Amazon at the same time I'm launching mine, which means NOW. So if you like mystery and suspense with a healthy dose of humor, check out Matchbook.

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