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Just Got Real!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Yeah, I left off the "Shit." I'm trying to be good over here.

Happy Mother's Day to me! As of May 10, Take My Husband, Please! is available in print on Amazon. It's kind of cool to have your new novel in a print edition so you can hold it in your hands and pass it around. Talk about show and tell. Makes everything feel that much more real.


And now people are asking for autographs. Pfft. Guess I will have to perfect an illegible signature.

Meanwhile, you can win a free copy of the paperback edition—autographed!—by entering to win over on Goodreads. The giveaway runs from May 15 through July 15, just in time to take this baby with you to a sunny beach or the cool mountains. And don't forget, it goes great with an ice-cold brewsky, your favorite vino, or a steaming cup o' joe and your PJs.

Meantime, head on over to Amazon and check out this book!

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