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When Your Husband is a Pain in the Keister

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

If you could teach your ex a lesson, would you? Admit it. You would, right? I have contemplated such things in the past, even if I never followed through (that anyone has lived to tell). And when I got this big idea, I thought, if I can't do it in real life, I can sure as hell write about it.

Helpful tip: This is why you never piss off a writer because they will kill you or make you suffer in their next book. See how that works?

So the idea for this book came when I was having trouble in my marriage and my then-hubs had hired a gorgeous personal trainer who happened to have a crush on him. And I thought, in one of those crazy fleeting delusional moments, he's being such a pain in the keister, it would really help me if she just got her wish.

Well, the thought was fleeting, but the premise stuck with me: Please, take my husband. I'm done with him. What would that look like in a novel?

So I crafted this tale about a woman who was getting divorced and her husband was all for it at first, but then he goes through some trauma that makes him reassess his life and changes his mind. Because it's romance and comedy, this couple has to be thrown back together. I gave him a major financial meltdown so he would have to rely on her good graces to let him come home until he got on his feet. Meanwhile, she's moving on with her life, and he's in the way, right? Enter some unusual plot complications and ratchet up the tension. Then it became a really fun story to write.

Want to know more? You'll have to read the book!

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