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Demonesse:  Avarus

Episode III


In the third episode of this captivating dark fantasy, empathic "good girl" Maia Kelly must transcend her mortal soul to become the seductive killer she was always meant to be, despite her resistance. But just as her transformation is complete, her new reality falls apart. Death in the form of a six-winged ancient enemy has tracked her down and placed her new family in grave jeopardy. She will pay a steep price for her neophyte's judgment, and the shame is destined to follow her for eternity. To survive, dangerous alliances must be made, but surrounded in the Underworld, she can trust no one.   


Often compared to Anne Rice, Kimberly Jayne writes captivating supernatural prose. If you love a good occult, gothic, or paranormal page-turner, the Demonesse series is for you!


Demonesse: Avarus is a serialized dark fantasy. Episode III is available on Amazon. 


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