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Dark Fantasy:  The Demonesse Series

Demonesse:  Avarus

Episode 1


In this compelling dark fantasy set in Victorian England, sensory-adept Maia Kelly is the virtuous daughter of an excommunicated nun. She dreams of belonging to a cloister where, beneath God's watchful eye, she may save her soul from the unholy ghost that lives within. But after months of nighttime fantasies, Maia awakens into her shocking new life as a seductive killer powerless to resist the moon's calling. With her pious island existence shattered, she must choose between the underworld king that made her or going it alone in a sphere of unseen dangers she can scarcely comprehend. Either way, her nightmare has only just begun.


Demonesse: Avarus is a serialized dark fantasy. Episode 1 will be available soon!



Writers League of Texas 2018 Manuscript Contest

Dem, Ep2

Demonesse:  Avarus

Episode 2


On the long journey to an unknown land, Maia must slake her unquenchable sexual desire, the avarus, with the life forces of men. Laden with the guilt of her sins, she will cling to her mother's righteous teachings while struggling to keep her unholy ghost sequestered and reveling in the divine pleasures of the flesh. In this new world, she can trust no one—not even her so-called father. But the fiery nephili king is the least of her problems. Death in the form of a six-winged ancient enemy has tracked her down.  


Demonesse: Avarus is a serialized dark fantasy. Episode 2 will be available soon!


Dem, Ep3

Demonesse:  Avarus

Episode 3


On the last night of the triune, Maia must transcend her mortal soul to become the seductive concubus she was always meant to be. She can only hope to escape and find the seemingly impossible path toward redemption. Until then, she's at the mercy of her avarus, her cunning coterie, and the Demonesse Zephyra. But along with Maia's transformation comes greater perils and unspeakable tragedies. She will pay a steep price for her neophyte's judgment because even inside the shelter of the castle in Elysium, she is surrounded by enemies. 


Demonesse: Avarus is a serialized dark fantasy. Episode 3 will be available soon!


Dem, Ep4

Demonesse:  Avarus

Episode 4


Six months till the blood moon, and the coterie is buzzing. Safe in the castle, yet vibrating with fury, Maia must learn how to fight like a proper concubus at the same time she must seek hidden knowledge of the millennia-old war, the Empyrean Prophecy, and her own existence. To escape her circumstances and prove she's not the oracle they believe her to be, she will push every boundary and challenge every supposition. Feasting on the mortal plane, she will find an unexpected treasure that could derail her schemes and risk the lives of everyone she's come to care about.


Demonesse: Avarus is a serialized dark fantasy. Episode 4 will be available soon!

Dem. Ep5

Demonesse:  Avarus

Episode 5


During the next triune, Maia challenges her escorts at every turn. Already suffering the penalties of betraying her coterie, she risks banishment and facing her enemies alone—a death sentence for a halfblood. With her sensory abilities amplified and her unholy ghost growing bolder, she will trust an uncertain ally, face her enemies head on, and discover the extraordinary reason for the wars of the Underworld. 


Demonesse: Avarus is a serialized dark fantasy. Episode 5 will be available soon! 


Demonesse:  Avarus

Episode 6


Broken and abandoned, having lost the trust of everyone, Maia will set upon a do-or-die quest for either sacrifice or redemption. But recognizing the right path is much harder when the lines between good and evil have blurred beyond all recognition. Alliances must be forged, schemes divined, and betrayers punished. 


Demonesse: Avarus is a serialized dark fantasy. Episode 6 will be available soon!

Dem. Ep6
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